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​パリパリ食感 !!





Our Flavors





袋を開けただけで弾ける香ばしい香り ​​​​​


和風 (おすすめ)

他では絶対に味わえない日本人ならではの和風フレーバー  ​​​

What People Say

I've really enjoyed the flavors and really high quality jerky at the original location on Young street over the years and was really happy to see that the next generation is keeping the quality just as high.

Randy R.

This jerky is amazing! It's crunchy like a chip and a great snack. Grab some for the beach or to take home. All natural. We LOVED the Wafu and the pepper was great too. Sooo good and it's homemade using Japanese techniques.  Try some—they will give you a sample first.

Lori M.

It's uncanny how perfect this jerky is to me. I've just bought some to bring home to friends and will update based on our group reaction, but even just experiencing the samples I can't wait. Nice and dry unlike the wet soft stuff you always see. Yet thin and crispy making it easy to enjoy unlike thick dried yak jerkies. And the flavours, I really appreciated listening to the descriptions, a lot of care went into making these. The teriyaki especially clicked with me, it's something special. They understand how sickeningly sweet it always is, so their take tubes down the sweet and brings more ginger and savory. Every complaint I've ever had about jerky, to wet, inedible, or sweet, non-existent in this jerky.

Undermanned M.

Have you ever wished all the available jerkies weren't so moist and soft? Well, here's one for the dry-jerky-lovers! This one's actually gone to the other extreme and is dry to the point it's crispy...but in a hell of good way!

Bit unfair comparison as it's not your usual beef jerky, but it's my favorite beef jerky of all time—by far.

Anthony M.

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