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Our Story


Our thin and crispy style beef chip was invented by my Uncle Bobby.  Like any great food invention, he started Paradise Jerky in his home kitchen. Family and friends loved it so much that he decided to team up with his childhood best friend and launch their own business.


For 10 long years they ran this successful endeavor but decided it was time to retire. My family loved Bobby's beef jerky so much that we simply could not let it retire along with him. After a long year of perfecting Bobby's technique and experimenting with new flavors and textures, I am excited to reintroduce Paradise Jerky to the world.


I was truly humbled the day Bobby told me “Wow, I didn't think anyone could make jerky better than I could!” I hope you come and try it soon.



- Hiro

Our Jerky


Our Premium Beef Jerky Chips are seriously going to change the way you enjoy beef. Our journey begins by selecting the best cuts of premium USDA choice Angus Beef. We painstakingly trim away any unwanted fat then precisely slice our meat leaving you with razor thin strips of lean beef.

We marinade the cuts in our signature blend of traditional Hawaiian & Japanese flavors then let our jerky dry to perfection. What you are left with is a delectable slice of jerky that not only provides an unbelievably satisfying crunch, but also leaves you with a burst of savory and umami flavors with every bite.


Our Commitment


The Aloha you taste in every bite is due to a simple fact.  Every piece of Jerky is hand cut, marinated and dried in small batches.  This is the best way to ensure quality and our commitment is that it will always stay this way. 

We are not only committed to providing you with a world class product every time you open one of our bags, but also when you walk in store.  My staff and I will always greet you with a giant smile and help you navigate through the many flavors of Jerky we have :) 

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